Fire Suppression System for Food Truck and Price

Just like other food establishments, food trucks deal with open kitchen hot equipment, cooking oils, cleaning agents, electrical devices, paper products and engine oil. All of which is extremely flammable, and can cause a massive fire.

That is why, the food truck owners must avail the right Kitchen Fire Extinguishers for their trucks. The extinguishers will help you to put out the fire fast, saving a lot of monetary loss. Here are the types of extinguishers that you should check before buying one for your food truck.

Kitchen Fire Extinguishers:

As the name suggests, the Kitchen Fire Extinguishers are created to deal with the kitchen fires. Unlike the popular belief, kitchen fires cannot be doused with the help of water extinguishers. You need a special type of extinguishers that can handle the heat of fires from hot grease, animal fat and cooking oil.

As these extinguishers are specifically created for the kitchen area, it does not harm the food ingredients and does not leave any dangerous residues as well. As these extinguishers are not that expensive, you can easily afford one for your food truck.

Vehicle Fire Extinguishers:

Motor vehicle fires are one of the most common affairs that often takes place. The combination of highly flammable oil and electrical and mechanical devices often turns the vehicle into ticking time bombs.

It poses even more danger if you are running a food truck. Always carry Vehicle Fire Extinguishers that can handle class A, B, and C fires. If you have enough budget, you can buy the ABC Powder Fire Extinguishers for your food truck.

Clean Agent Fire Extinguishers:

The Clean Agent Type Fire Extinguishers are one of the safest and environment-friendly extinguishers that you can use in your food truck. These extinguishers spray fire extinguishing gases for suppressing fire. These gaseous solution contains 60-80% of R-134a, 10-30% of carbon dioxide and 10-30% of pentafluoroethane.

The gas of Clean Agent Type Fire Extinguishers is one of the fire extinguishing mixtures that maintains the breathable concentration of oxygen in the air while still suppressing the fire. This quality makes this fire extinguisher the perfect choice for suppressing fire in the confined space of a food truck. It does not pose as much danger to people as the carbon dioxide-based fire extinguishers do.

CO2 Type Fire Extinguishers:

The Co2 Type Fire extinguishers are the perfect choice for suppressing class B and C fires. That makes it one of the most popular choices of the truck owners. The pocket-friendly price of these extinguishers also helps it earn its popular place among the owners.
These extinguishers are filled with the non-flammable Co2 gas. When discharged, the pressurized CO2 gas shoots out of the extinguisher and douses the fire. As the discharge range of the Co2 Type Fire Extinguishers is pretty small, it helps to suppress the fires of food trucks without many issues.

As you now know the different types of ABC Powder Fire Extinguishers that can help you to suppress the fire of your food truck, it is the time for you to make a decision. Consider the price and efficacy of the vehicle fire extinguishers before choosing the right one.

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