Commercial Kitchen Fire Extinguisher and Its Operation

As the kitchen takes in the account of many oily items. There is likely to fire happen in the kitchen area. Moreover, of course there are various flash fires on cooking products. Preventing these sorts of accidents includes steps like 1. Control of combustible material 2. Control of ignition source.  However, the thing that sets fire in the kitchen is Grease, a natural derivative of many cooking process. Whenever the fats are heated to the some temperature, it converts from solid to liquid. Moreover, become the atomized particle in the air. Low temperature produces less grease where high temperature produce more grease.  Majorly, higher temperature vapor settle on exhaust hood then it convert in to hazard fire. If it does not extinguish right at the moment then could generate up to 2000 Fahrenheit and could set the whole kitchen on fire.

Some hotel management organizes the safety programs for staffs to prevent this kind of accidents by quenching the flames. As every state is doing fire safety inspection for the insurance coverage and the firm does not own a kitchen fire extinguisher then they will not be given the benefits of it. So, having a kitchen fire extinguisher has become mandatory in every restaurant and hotels. The every firm is inspected around 6 months to maintain the safety along with the benefits. Indian fire safety has drawn a huge attention in the past few years for the safety of the kitchen and demanded to have the kitchen fire extinguisher.

Many of the quality driven kitchen fire extinguishers provide the safety methods for the part of their package along with the installation guide. However, you can also higher the independent installer for installation for the kitchen fire extinguisher.

There are many kitchen fire extinguishers with the automatic operation. It consists of spray nozzle placed above every piece of external cooking products. There are various rules associated with the different nozzle and their specific locations. Apart from it, the heat detector may be located in the Ductwork within the hood. Along with the ductwork, the internal fire protection system will be located with the separate thermostat as well.  The exhaust fan shuts off along with the spray of water released in the interior that quench the fire on the spot.  Some of the people make the exhaust fan running, to move away the smoke produce through the incident.

In commercial kitchen class K type fire extinguisher are generally preferred. It is defined by the type of material that would burn during the fire.  The kitchen fire extinguisher works on the principle of Saponification. Where alkaline mixture is applied to the burning cooking oil. This combination creates the soapy foam, which extinguishes the fire right away.  In many commercial kitchens, there is a rumor that if it detects even, one wayward flame the fire extinguisher will quench even the cooking as well. This is completely a false misconception.  It activates only when the harmful flames activate beneath them.  Take the necessary fire safety training and attend the relevant programs arranged by the fire protection association in favor to operate the kitchen fire extinguisher in very efficient way. Just having a fire extinguisher is not important, as the owner has to perform the several maintenance programs to operate the fire extinguisher properly.

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